Following my miscarriage, I did a lot of soul searching, trying to determine what really mattered.  In the past 6 years, there has certainly been times when life got so busy that I lost focus on what matters vs. what I need to do, and do, and do.  (I human, what can I say.)  Wish I had had the following back then…

On Saturday I went for a hair appointment, a much needed one because I was focused on other things, and had the chance to read a wonderful article in Redbook by Ellen Welty , 12 Questions That Will Change Your Life. In it, she asked 12 questions to reflect on…  I found it so interesting, that I wrote down the questions to keep myself on track.  And I thought you might like them as well.  Thanks Ellen!

Here are the 12 questions:

1) How do I spend my alone time?

2) Do I pay attention to my body’s needs?

3) To whom am I grateful?

4) Do I compare my life to other people’s?

5) Do I spend money on things to that speak to my soul?

6) What do I see when I look in the mirror each morning?

7) Have I figured out a way to to handle the less than perfect relationships in my life?

“8)” Do I have faith in something bigger than I am, whether it’s God or some other spiritual form?

9)What positive things do I bring to relationships with my husband, my kids, my friends?

10) Is there space in my home to do the things I love?

11) How many hours a week do I spend on the computer, TV, blackberry, other electronic device?

12) Do I feel older or younger than my years?  How often do I feel good about being the exact age I am?