When I had my miscarriage 6 years ago, my friend Laura gave me a special bracelet.  I wore the bracelet everyday until my son was born.  It was my positive thinking bracelet, my hope bracelet.  When ever I worried, when ever I was scared, when ever I had doubts, when ever my mind raced, I played with the bracelet.  I made myself think positive thoughts.  It really helped…  and I am blessed with an amazing 5 yr old!

Fast forward to today, I went to the gyn for some testing…  it would be way TMI if I got into the details, but needless to say these tests were to make sure I didn’t have any issues.  I distracted myself by going to work in the morning.

While waiting for my appointment at the doctors office, my mind began to race.  Stress was setting in…  I quickly took out my bracelet of hope from OurHopePlace (yes, I still carry it with me), and I began to think positive thoughts.  I also did my yoga breathing.  And it worked.  I remained calm.

And the good news, the tests went generally well… Have to go back in 2 months for a just to make sure …  so I will keep on thinking positive thoughts (feel free to do the same if you would like).