When your body betrays you, it is natural to wonder why?  To question, to doubt just about everything.  That is how I felt after my miscarriage.  I need to heal my body, yes of course, my mind certainly and my soul, definitely.  That was 6 years ago…

Fast forward to today.

I hurt my foot and am not able to do high impact exercise while it heals.   I decided to try yoga – I wanted something that I could do for life…  I found a great place, Black Bird Yoga.  they have an amazing introduction to yoga class.  2 hrs on Sunday (theory and yoga), unlimited classes during the week (I made it to three), and then 2 more hours on Sunday.

WOW!  I LOVE IT!  And, I so wished I thought to do yoga when I was recovering from my miscarriage (NOTE:  there are some yoga moves you should not do while pregnant.  Please see professional advice about yoga if you think you might be/are pregnant, especially if you have had a miscarriage).

While recovering from my miscarriage, I remember my mind racing!  That was why the bracelet of hope from OurHopePlace.com was so great.  It helped me stop the racing.  I wish I had done yoga as well!

When I do yoga I feel so peaceful…  I am able to block my worries; if a pesky thought/worry sneaks in, I kick it right out.  I can deal with it later.   Yoga is a chance to do something for me…  just for me.  I don’t get much time like that – it feels indulgent.

Post yoga I am calm, I can think clearly, and my body feels great.  I can see improvement in a short period of time…  I think I am hooked.