Celine Dion was the guest on the Oprah Show today.  She was there sharing her fantastical new documentary, Celine Through the Eyes of the World.  During the show the two women talk about many things, including Celine’s recent miscarriage.

One of the most important things we say at Our Hope Place, is to acknowledge a miscarriage.  Oprah acknowledged her friends miscarriage by asking in a caring way, and Celine shared her story with America.

Celine said things like:

  • miscarriage is very common — so true, 1 in5 pregnancies end in miscarriage
  • she said most people don’t talk about it – also true, and something we would like to change…  we need to support woman and their families through this difficult time
  • “it’s life” – says it all

When Oprah asked Celine if her miscarriage brought her family closer together or apart, I thought Celine had an interesting answer.  She said something along the lines of, neither, I try not to add pressure to a situation.  Kids/miscarriage can’t save a marriage, let’s not add pressure to kid’s, they already have so much.  I find her answer very honest.  I also think that we have learned through our work with Paula Levy, that in times of stress, a couple might miscommunicate, and this can lead to issues.  It is very important to communicate with your partner.  I am sure Celine and Rene did this; they seem to have a wonderful relationship.

And lastly, one common thread we hear from women who have suffered from a miscarriage is, “when I found OurHopePlace.com, I didn’t feel so alone.  When I read your stories, when I read the stories from other women (on your OurHopePlace blog), I knew there was hope.  Thank you!”

Thank you Celine and Oprah!  Thank you for being brave, for sharing with us, for letting us in, and letting us know we are not alone!  BRAVO!!!