I wanted to share my loss…

In 2005 I lost my Mom after an extended illness, less than one month later my husband died after a tragic accident. I found myself a widow the same time as my father.  Dad kept his feelings inside more than I did initially and further into this journey through grief.   I tended to just let all my feelings out without holding back, the  crying, anger and dispair.   I grieved my loss openly with family and friends, Dad kept more to himself.  I learned to ask for help from household tasks to financial concerns, Dad tended to take care of things himself unless I suggested I help with something specific.  Dad tended to become more isolated than did I.  I would call friends for dinner or other activities, Dad did not.  Men and women do grieve differently, but I believe both want to talk about those they’ve lost because it keeps those cherished memories alive.

JoAnne Funch founder of a site offering resources, support, and to help and inspire those who are suffering through life transitions by sharing her personal story of surviving loss.