I am writing on my perspective on men and women grieving differently.   I am medium and do communication for my clients on a daily basis. The details that come through are amazing to me.
I think the biggest difference between how men and women grieve is that men are taught to be tough, not show emotion and to just keep going. Women are treated differently when they are grieving.
People are more compassionate to women and it seems like they are allowed more time to grieve and also it is more understood by others if it takes them a long time to try and recover.
The other thing I notice about my women clients is that they are more open to trying to connect or communicate with their loved ones who have passed. I probably have 7 women to every man who wants a session to connect to their loved one.

I have also noticed that when men go into collapse from grief, they make no apologies or excuses for their collapse and they can stay in what I refer to as a vegetative state (TV, sleeping and eating only) for months on end.
Women, if they go into collapse, may need some medication, but after a shorter period, they feel guilty about their collapse and try to get moving again, through their pain.  I also think women try to develop their spirituality to gain an understanding of where their loved one has gone and to take solace in the fact that the love they shared still exists, even though the person who has passed no longer has a physical form.

It’s important for everyone to understand that grief is a normal part of life and that it is a process to be experienced, not avoided or put off.
Thank you for allowing me to respond.
Terri Jay, The Messenger www.TerriJay.com