Dear OurHopePlace,

I am a Bereavement and Palliative Support counselor.  I work with men and women in my line of passion. Men grieve more task oriented and women are generally more emotive. This is not tried and true.  

Grief is your emotions associated with loss and Mourning is to express these emotions!

It is fine that we grieve but if we don’t mourn we have not done our work. HELEN KELLER said “The Only Way to Get to The Other Side is to Go Through the Door.” “ This is so true of Grief.” You have to go through the door of grief and let yourself feel pain rather than take a shortcut and avoid and go around grief…If not your unresolved lossest will come back later and bite you in the bum later.  

Akin to an overflowing linen closet that finally falls to the floor. You will have to deal with each loss one by one. 

Remember it is never too late to mourn! To heal you have to feel whether you are male or female. While we can say that many men will go their workshop and pound out their feelings of sorrow ..,there will be still other men that are sensitive and emotive. The same is true of women. Grief is individual and dependent on so many factors. Think of our thumbprint. (individual and different and unique).

Grief is the hardest work that we will ever do in our lifetime. To be healthy we need to GRIEVE and MOURN well ….so we can LIVE WELL and LOVE WELL.

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