Hello OurHopePlace,

I am a Grief and Wellness Specialist. I have a health & wellness center located in Frederick, Maryland.  I see Men, Women and Children for a variety of grief issues from Death, Health, Home, Job, Finances and so on. My website is www.naturalSOULutions.com

What I have found most about Men versus Women is the inability to share their deep feelings and know that is OK. Not only do they not share them with their wife’s or families they also keep them hidden from close friends unlike women you tend to discuss their grief with sisters and girl friends. They tend to bury their selves in their work and hold it all in. Men in our society have been taught that they are supposed to be tough and that men do not cry famous quotes “Only Sissy’s Cry”. They then pass this on to their sons not knowing better because this is how they were taught and raised. My famous quote to Men and Women is “Men and Women have the same internal organs and everyone heart grieves the same”  there is no difference between how Men and Women feel inside but there is a world of difference in how they express their emotions or I should say how they do not express their emotions.

I looked at your website it is wonderful, it is amazing how you have created such a wonderful avenue for others to relate and express their emotions through your own tragedy.

Many Blessings,

Sharon Welch, Grief and Wellness Specialist

Natural SOULutions Health & Wellness Center