Hi OurHopePlace.com,

I think the Action Steps to Move through Loss from my book,  From Sorrow to Dancing would be helpful to anyone who has experienced any type of loss.  I have been told by those who have experienced divorce and “loss of a dream” (aka miscarriage) that they have used these steps and found them helpful.   Perhaps your readers will find this useful…

“Action Steps to Move through Loss”…  taken from the book From Sorrow to Dancing,  by Marcy Kelly

1.  Journal your thoughts

2.  Ask for help and accept help

3.  Be around caring people and allow them to comfort you

4.  Give yourself and others grace to make mistakes

5.  Join a grief group and share your story

6.  Exercise

7.  Cry

8.  Put off making big decisions for at least a year

9.  Forgive those who have hurt you

10.  Do a personal check concerning your attitude.  Are you bitter?  If yes, learn to forgive.

11.  Thank those who have helped you.

12.  Plan activities and remain engaged in life.

13.  Realize that you are not alone.  God is always present.

14.  Have fun…try dancing!

Thanks for the help you are obviously giving to hurting people.  


Marcy Kelly

Author, Speaker, and Certified Life Coach
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