Maternity staff are not always as sensitive as they could be to miscarriage sufferers, a new study from Ireland found.  

As a miscarriage sufferer this is not all that surprising to me (in fact, I wanted to write “well, duh”)… my own persoanl experience and many I know and have met would echo the same.  I thought my doctor was VERY chilly, I found the hospital to be very matter of fact.  Sure I get that they face patients with all kids of issues/grief every day.  But this was my baby.  “Just pretend to show some human side of yourself”, was what I wanted to scream.  

As a result of my chilly experience, I changed doctor, practice and hospital.  I was fortunate, I had options.  Not everyone does.

This lack of support for women and their families who suffer is why we started  We want to help friends help their friends.  
Check out the story on the study, check out Our Hope Place…  maybe studies like these and our website will help women and their families to heal.