From a recent letter to

Thank you for the link to your website, My miscarriage was almost 7 years ago. I started cramping on a Saturday afternoon, and lost our baby on Sunday morning.  Monday I was scheduled for our first ultra sound.  The memories of it don’t fade, but the pain does lessen.  I was given an angel pin during that weekend that I still wear on tough days. Your bracelet is a thoughtful and heartwarming gift.  I was able to heal enough to now have three healthy children.  God has been good to us.

I visited many many websites, and joined various support groups, all on my own. It was private to me, and I kept everything bottled up for quite some time.  My husband was great, but it was months before I opened up to my co-workers and friends.  I can now openly talk of that pregnancy and loss, and share  our thoughts, our emotions, our story. 

 Don’t take this the wrong way, but, I hope I NEVER have to share your website with anyone close to me.  But if need be, I WILL!

Thank you for what you are doing.