I will never forget Mother’s Day following my miscarriage.  Turns out it was a sad and a happy day all in one…

Sad:  well that is the obvious part, I wished I was pregnant.  I wished I was a mom… I wished I was very pregnant, with a healthy baby!

Happy:  Even if I wasn’t pregnant anymore, it was Mother’s Day, and my husband I have (great) mothers, and they deserved some celebrating.  I wasn’t sure if I would be up for it, in fact I dreaded the day, but when it arrived, I was ok.  Well, I was a little weepy in the morning, but a hot shower took care of that.  We went to a lovely brunch with my parents and my mother in law, and friends of my parents (their children were with in-laws).  My husband and parents were very thoughtful in planning the day — they suggested the brunch, they arranged for us to go to the non-kid seating.  We had great wines (yes, plural)…  and it turns out, we conceived our son that night.  He is now 4, and just came by to give me some cuddles.  🙂

So that day I was dreading, turned out to be a pretty good Mother’s Day afterall!  (Isn’t that the understatement!)

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!