Earth Day is approaching…  yet, despite my efforts, I am still drowning in paper; meaning mail.

Like most people, I have a busy, filled life (family, work, et.)  Some how, the mail seems overwhelming.  I have consolidated my bills, asked for them online, pay bills on line, and signed up for “no junk mail”, yet still, the mail keeps coming.  How does this happen?  

So today, instead of throwing everything away, I save it all – all of it.  Why you might ask?  Well tomorrow I am going to call everyone and ask them not to send me anything anymore…  Ok, Capital One that means you – no more offers, please!

Other things we do to help out:

In our home:  recycle, energy saving appliances, energy saving (“green”) light bulbs, moving to better milage cars, community garden, turn the lights off, run major appliances at night, update insulation, etc.

At work:  I work for a no landfill company, they have a major green initiative…  covers everything you can think of.

My personal company:  we are paperless, work remotely, …

We are trying…  are we perfect, no, but we are making a difference (I hope), we are continuing to add ways to be more green.  

Now if I could just stop all the paper – wish me luck tomorrow!