It is not even 11 AM and what a day already…  a day of life’s little ups and downs…

Things like we are doing a re-fi and the mortgage broker left a message saying we are set to close and the 15 day numbers look so good we can get another 1/4 of a point…  that is good, actually it is great!  YEAH!

But, when I talk to the mortguage broker, he wants to close on the day I planned to do something fun with my 4 yr old son (this is a special day for us, I am taking off work, we bought tickets for a kids show in NYC)…  this is not good.  So I explain the situation and we come up with a plan, so I can still have a fun day with my son…  this is good, well, it is GREAT!

Then, … well it goes on.   And I am reminded, that I have handled everything.  I was able to share my thoughts and feelings, we were able to make a plan so all is good.  I am feeling Resilient…  And I am laughing that all the things around Fishful Thinking are things I use in my everyday life…  pretty cool.  Hope you have a good day!