Following my previous post (scroll down to see if you haven’t) on hope, optimism, and kids.   Below is a Resilience Quiz – about how your child copes with life’s ups and downs  —  and given the state of the world today, isn’t this something we all could use?  Questions around subjects like, ” how to handle a fight with your best friend”, “how to stick to a difficult task while managing frustration”, and “how to handle your team losing the big game” will provide insight on how resilient your child is and how you can help (if/when needed).

Resilience Quiz

How resilient is your child? Find out with this short quiz, developed by Dr. Karen Reivich. Each time you answer a question, you will get a resilience tip from Dr. Reivich, with suggestions for how you can use a situation to help improve your child’s resilience.  Click here.  Let me know what you think.

If you want to get involved, become an ambassador, and/or if you want to learn more:

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