A rainy Monday, I should have just stay at home, but no.  I spent the entire day seeing and being part of miscommunication.  This led to feelings of frustration and the beginning of a lack of trust on my part towards others.  What to do?  Fester?  Not me.  Not today, not on something this important.

I tried to think about the root of the cause of the miscommunication, I tried to put myself in the other person’s point of view, I thought about what was going on and what I wished would happen instead.  Then I went to the persons who could help with the miscommunication issues the most and talked to them.

How did it go?  The first meeting went well – no issues.  Person agreed there was an issue that needed to be addressed, we outlined a plan and committed.  Great, one down, one to go.

How did the second meeting go?  Well, interesting…  I was able to elicit feedback, always a good thing to get the conversation going.  I noticed at one point in time the other person was sitting with arms crossed, legs crossed – not so good.  So I asked about it…  figured I was long into this, why not., what did I have to lose?  Well that seemed to break the ice, and we started to have a great conversation, we outlined some actions that both of us could take in the future. 

I am hopeful about the next phase.  We’ll see.  I am however proud that I didn’t fester, that I said what I needed to (in hopefully a way that was ultimately well received).  Like I said, we’ll see.  Wish me luck.