I usually write about hope after miscarriage.  We feel that in the midst of the devastation of miscarriage, it is good to know you aren’t alone, and that others have gone on to have happy stories.   Today I am delighted to write about hope and some of the most wonderful news!!!  

A friend just told us that they will be blessed with the arrival of  their baby soon… A birth mom selected them and she is due in 6 weeks (plus or minus 2 weeks, you know how babies have their own sense of time).  A long road, a 6 year journey —  trying naturally, surgeries, multiple IVFs, and miscarriages —  that ended in the couple focussing on adoption.  Now they only have 6 weeks.  This is so exciting!  Say a prayer that all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy, the delivery, and the adoption.   

And one last note to my friends:  you have been through so much, you truly deserve this happiness!  We couldn’t be happier for you both!