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Growing up I read every book in the mystical section of three libraries in our area. My mother was a yogini, my father a musician, I was destined to be different! I tried to find a career that would fit me instead of the other way around. I didn’t start my current career until around twenty years ago, but it was so much a part of who I was and am, yet, it hadn’t occurred to me that my abilities could be used as a job.

If I were to advise my 20-year old self it would be to say gifts are there to be used and we each have at least one gift to share with the world. I would tell her that what fills her heart with joy, what gives her the greatest bliss are signposts guiding her towards her purpose. I would tell her to follow those signs because they will take her home.

Elizabeth Harper author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires (Atria/Beyond Words)
Psychic artists, color intuitive, and spiritual guide.