Dear Our Hope Place, Please share my story with your readers, maybe it will help someone:

I just met with a fertility specialist.  The doctor said there was a “reason” for my miscarriage – a placenta issue, it just happened, and it is something that has low risk of repeating.  

Here is the key thing:  They also found that I need a little baby aspirin to thin my blood.   This specialist said my doctor should have known this a while ago, and that he should have told me.  He went on further to say, that the doctor probably didn’t investigate the issue further because I did have two children (with the help of a fertility doctor).  Well, this doctor thinks that if I take baby aspirin, I will be very likely to get pregnant and carry to full term.  

I feel like I have a new lease on life.  Please tell your readers to ask their doctors about taking baby aspirin – I hope this is a simple solution to my pain…