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Toni L. McSorley sent us this passage from her new book (due out later in 2009), “The Meaning Filled Life”. 

There are many times it is difficult to be grateful.  Losing a job, ending a relationship, suffering the grief of loss of loved ones, finding you’ve been back-stabbed by a trusted friend, or having your home destroyed by fire or tornado are just a few examples.  There are moments when life rolls over us like a huge, dark bowling ball and we feel utterly flattened, completely defeated, even hopeless. In the face of these times, someone tells you to feel grateful and the only feeling you can summon is the desire to hit them in the mouth.

            Yet the flame has not gone out inside us.  As long as it burns, however low, there is knowledge that it can be fanned anew and return more brightly than before.  The wind encourages this flame is gratitude.

            “I’m glad for the lessons and experience from this job and I know that it will ensure the next job will be better for me…”

            “I am so glad for the good times I had in that relationship, for the joy and the love and the lessons learned that will help me in the next relationship…”

            “I am so thankful for the good memories with my mother, that taught me about love, and that gave me so much in my life.  She gave me the ability to be a better person…”

            “I am glad that I had the chance to show my friend what loyalty was, and to be strong enough to withstand the hurt he caused me while valuing the time we had together as friends.”

            “I am so glad that we were not in the house at that time, and that we survived what could have been a fatal situation.  Only things were lost, not lives…”

            You get the idea.  It is not being foolishly optimistic, it is choosing to concentrate on that which gives us a chance at life instead of the long slide down into hopelessness and despair.

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