Do you know First Magazine?  The promote healthy living made easy.  Lots of good info…  

This month (Jan 26, 2009) there is an article (page 99) that discusses my move away from allergy medicine to acupuncture. Almost two years ago I met Dr. Lisa Clyne at a networking event.  She is a chiropractor and acupuncturist in Westport, CT.  

I went to see her for a pain in my neck (70% of the pain gone the first treatment, 100% cured in a month), and asked about acupuncture and my allergies…  within two session I was off my allergy medicine.  I continue to see Dr Lisa 2 times per month…  and I am breathing well!   This is such a great thing; I want to let everyone know.  

Plus my son was so excited to see his picture in the magazine and I think Fotoduck Studios like the nod for the photo (thanks Bill!)