From a recent contact to Our Hope Place:

I am also a member of the pregnancy loss sisterhood.  I lost twins in the second tri-mester and had another early loss before my daughter was born.  The first one was especially hard because I had two good friend due around the same time (1 within a day, the other was 3 months later).  In addition, I was running a clinic for pregnant teens at the time.  It was crazy!

I am forever an optimist.  I expect to be sitting on the beach at 80, perky silicone breasts and all!  Even when I was diagnosed (with breast cancer), I did not assume the worst.  I assumed it would be no big deal, that I would beat it, and beat it quickly.  Not quite the actual story.   I am still in treatment and maybe forever.   But it is OK as long as I am around to live it!



Note from Our Hope Place (Sharon):  Melissa you are so strong and helping so many –  I plan to visit you on that beach and toast the wonderful lives we will have lived – bring pictures of your grand kids – I will do the same!