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Dear Our Hope Place,
I was 27yrs and 4 mo pregnant when I miscarried. It would have been my first baby.I read about this website ( in a magazine and was relieved. To be honest I struggled for a long time majority of it in secret. Its like noone understood what I was going through. My sister was pregnant with #5 and my 2 BFF’s gave birth to baby #2 a couple months prior. Here I was not woman enough to even carry a baby to full term, I mean thats how I felt,like a failure. I felt lonely, depressed, angry at myself like what could I have done differently. People are so quick to say it just wasn’t meant to be or get over it your not the only one.God helped me thats who has gotten me thru this. There needs to be more sites like this for women like me,who feel like I’m the only one going thru this. Thank you and God Bless.