I was reading my October Issue of Parents Magazine… it had the usual helpful parenting and Halloween tips. I was however, delighted to see a great article “The Latest News About Miscarriage … Scientists know more than ever about what causes it – and which moms may be at higher risk”.

The article goes into:
– common causes of miscarriage
– the newest theories (including caffeine, pain pills, obesity, folate, and infection)

At www.OurHopePlace.com, we are glad to see this for a number of reasons:
1) Parents has done a great job keeping information about miscarriage in the forefront… given 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage (1 million each year in the US), this is a common issue, impacting many of us. We totally applaud them keeping this topic top of mind – this helps women.

2) Most people associate October with Fall, change of season, going back to school, and usually Breast Cancer Awareness. It seems to be a little known fact, that it is also miscarriage month. In fact, this October is the 20th anniversary of President Regan making October miscarriage month.

3) With each passing day we learn more about miscarriage… I am happy to see that Parents Magazine is helping share the information! With knowledge comes our ability to make positive changes to help ourselves.

Click here to see the article.