Last week my friend wrote to let me know she had a miscarriage. She knew I had had one too… I wrote back to offer help, and sent my thoughts and prayers (something she asked for). She took me up on visiting and bringing over my grandmother’s tomato soup (sometimes a grandmother’s love provides good healing).

So I went with my grandmother’s soup, fresh from the oven brownies, a bottle of wine, and a bracelet from (I love the bracelets; still wear mine everyday.) These were all things that helped me, so I hoped they would do the same for her.

Through her tears my friend told me of her personal Hell she had been/is going through… I told her to take her time and that she didn’t have to talk if she didn’t want to. But she said that talking helped. I too was like that. I felt like I had all this sadness and pain inside that had to come out.

While she doesn’t feel like it, my friend is amazingly strong. It was a special sharing among friends that we had… while neither of us wanted to join this “miscarriage sisterhood” we are both members, and we need to help/support each other.

We all need to help each other… I know it will take time for my friend to heal. One day she will wake up, and her miscarriage won’t be the first thing she thinks of. One day she will go to sleep and her miscarriage and the loss of her baby won’t be the last thing she thinks of. I know she will eventually heal, but she will never forget. Right now, she needs support and our thoughts and prayers. Thought you could keep her in yours too.