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I’m happy to help lend my support–from the husbands/males perspective. One of the two miscarriages we suffered is still fresh in my memory (although I’ll never forget either) as it happened about a month ago. The facts: The first miscarriage happened more than two years ago (Feb. 2006). We had a healthy boy (now 4) before the first miscarriage and went on to have a second healthy boy (now 16 months) before the second miscarriage. We’re going to try for more still, but want to wait before trying again.

The reason I’m so eager to share my experience is because when I found out my wife had misscarried the first time I had a half hour drive before seeing her (I was at work when she went to the dr’s appointment, and she called me from their office to tell me. She was sobbing. It was the single worst phone call I’ve ever received in my life.)

I didn’t know where to turn for some comfort of knowledge of how to deal with it. I called my sister who had a miscarriage herself, and asked (although I was sobbing the whole way home. Frankly, it’s still difficult to talk about as the emotions associated with the memory come back easily) how she handled the news/information.

Miscarriage hard on both spouses when it happens. Granted, it is much harder on the woman, in this case my wife. But watching her suffer and the sadness or letdown was also hard on myself. I am glad I had family to lean on and that my wife and I had each other. We still don’t know why it happened to us, but we take a great deal of comfort and gratitude for our two healthy boys that have blessed our lives.