I have been asked two questions lately that made me think about where I am in my life now – Question One: What would you tell your twenty-one year old self knowing what you know now? And Question Two: Have you always been an entrepreneur?


You may ask what do these two questions have to do with our blog “Life After Miscarriage” and our website www.OurHopePlace.com?  First I will tell you my two answers. (Did you take a minute to think of your answers?)


I would tell my twenty-one year old self to enjoy the ride (meaning life) even more and not be so worried about where you will end up both professionally and personally – things will fall into place.  And don’t be afraid to listen to yourself more, you do have a lot of great instincts about yourself and others in your life.


I believe I am a late-bloomer when it comes to being an entrepreneur.  The seeds were always there, they just needed time and experiences (both good and bad) to grow.


Having a miscarriage made me stop and look around.  I was blindly on the “life train” – go to college, meet a great man, get a good job, get married, buy a house and have a few kids.  My miscarriage said to me that things might not always happen as you planned.  Even though that experience was devastating, it taught me to be open to other possibilities in life and not to plan every aspect of my life.  My miscarriage took some pressure off of my life as I had it mapped out and opened my thoughts up to the possibility of just letting things happen and see where they take you.  


In doing this I ended up with a great family and www.OurHopePlace.com.  By starting our website (an entrepreneurial adventure) my co-founder Sharon and I get to help other women (and their families/friends) who have experienced a miscarriage by telling our story of hope and how we helped each other thru our healing journeys.