Warning in advance – a little venting on the way…

I just don’t understand… yet another woman I know is pregnant (her 4th) and she is miserable/so doesn’t want to be pregnant. While all the time I see emails/letters from women who desperately want to be pregnant, just once. Life can seem so unfair.

And worse, some people kept repeating over and over and over again how this woman was pregnant and unhappy. Do you not have anything interesting in your life to talk about – no you need to keep harping on this woman’s pain. Really, isn’t there anything positive you could focus on? Why are you so happy with this woman’s pain?

I can totally understand a woman talking about not being happy, I can lend a sympathetic ear, I can listen and offer support — whatever is needed. What I don’t like is others “gossiping” to me over and over again… do they not remember what I went through? Do they not remember what I do everyday at OurHopePlace.com. That everyday I am reminded there are many women in the world that wish for one baby. How can some people be so insensitive? Find something else to talk about – stop gossiping (talk about the weather, how about the olympics, how about anything else)… all these women need our support! Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we leave high school behind?

Could you just think about what you say and it’s impact before you say it! Find something positive to talk about. Make the world a better place – don’t spread pain.

Ok, that is my vent for today… thanks for indulging me!