This is from talking to my friend today (she said I could share)…

August 28th:  My friend called yesterday…  another month, still not pregnant.  She said that knowing there is an entry on my blog helps…  that somehow the universe knows and this is comforting.  Since I want to help, I will keep writing until she has a beautiful little baby.  My thoughts and prayers are with you dear friend!

Early August:  Not pregnant again this month… shouldn’t I be more upset? It has been a year of trying… guess it is time to see a doctor. Didn’t want to do that. So far I have had one miscarriage and one beautiful child. Is wanting for one more so bad? My child is just starting to ask why there are no siblings, all our friends seem to have siblings. How do I answer that?

Ok, possible reasons why am I not upset:
– I am in shock and it hasn’t really set in yet
– I am too tired
– Somehow deep inside, I believe it will happen – there will be another child
– I trust in God – I put my faith in him
– My body didn’t feel different, so I didn’t really think I was pregnant, so this isn’t a surprise
– Other
– All of the above

Ok, I’m analyzing and evaluating my feelings… I am going back to being happy. And “we’ll see”.

Back to me: My dear friend, I am sending you a bracelet (from Our Hope Place)… may it work for you as it did for me. My thoughts and prayers are with you.