I couldn’t wait to write tonight. Today I saw the August, 2008, Ladies’ Home Journal – the one with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts on it. The title is DS and RR on Friendship and Healing. All I could think is how friendship has strong healing powers, it helped DS and RR, it helped me with my miscarriage. When I read the article, many of the words struck true with me… thought I would share some here…

– “Never underestimate the power of a woman”
– “Friendship is knowing someone believes the best of you”
– What I love about this article is how they recognize what Robin has done is made it so we can talk about cancer as part of our lives. It isn’t something we have to avoid or speak about in hushed voices. How strong she is, and how much I appreciate what she has done. And how I hope that is what Our Hope Place will do for miscarriage
– “They treated me like Robin” — no matter what she was going through her friends and family didn’t treat her differently
– You need to be true to yourself
– DS thought of Robin’s diagnosis, “what right do I have to be afraid? And I would hate to let what I think may happen, or worry about, change what is happening today.” It is all about your friend, you need to focus on her. And Robin replied, “Which was helpful, because I was shaken. And to look at her and see that she is convinced — I need that certainty. Diane never wavered for one moment in her belief. That was empowering.”
– “Soon you’ll wake up and cancer won’t be the first think on your mind anymore… Before it used to consumer my eery thought. And then you realize you just want to get back to having fun, taking vacations, and living your life.” Wow, that rings so true for me, that is what Our Hope Place is about. It’s about thinking positive thoughts, its about moving forward, it’s about helping women and their families suffer less and begin healing.

It was our friendship that helped us heal from our miscarriages, it is our friendship that we build from to create Our Hope Place.

check out the article – I don’t think you will be disappointed – when you’re done, call your best friend and say Hi.