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My name is Susan* and I just had a miscarriage at twenty months. They called it ” a fetal demise” because it was so late in the pregnancy. 

After all of the testing they were not sure why it happened. It was not because of chromosmal issues or infection. They did not have a reason based on science. “Maybe my age, they said” I am; however 37….still young.
We have a beautiful two year old girl. I so badly, wanted this baby because I knew after two children I would be done. This miscarriage was a blow. At any month it is tough, but at five months even tougher. The bond you have with that baby grows daily, therefore, a five months that bond is very strong. 
I have a wonderful friend who is very supportive. I received the hope bracelet and put in on at once. I am still sad, angry, grieving and at a loss for any words but I still have hope. This bracelet will be a strong reminder for what I already have, what I lost and what I hope to have. 
Thanks for listening and keep hoping.

(*name changed for privacy)