From an email sent to Our Hope Place.

i had a miscarriage 4 days ago and i had never expected this would happen to me.

i have three children and this baby would have been my 4th child i was
very excited when i found out i was pregnant and now the day before
this happen i had a name for the baby if it turn out to be a girl i was
sitting on my bed with my seven year old daughter and we were looking
at a pregnancy magazine together and i told her that i came up with the
name for the baby it was anastasie she told me that would be hard to
pronounce and i told her that the baby’s nickname can be lillie both
my girls were very excited and they called their dady and told him. and
now for the past four days all i can do i cry i can’t hardly eat or sleep.
i cannot be a mother to my children i feel so empty and feel this is
just a bad dream. i feel like this is a joke when i go to the doctor
she will tell everything is fine but i know it is just wishfull thinking.
i was about 7weeks pregnant when this happen to me i do not know how to
go on with my life and i am not ready to go back to work. i feel like i need time off to work this out.