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I seen your website  address in Redbook.  And had to go online 
and seewhat it was about. i had a miscarriage about 15 mths ago, 
and still feel pain and loss at times. I have a healthy 4 year 
old girl, and the miscarriage pregnanacy wasn't planned. My 
husband did not want the baby so he stated was a real relief when
I lost the baby, which made the grieving harder to go
thru by myself. Really had no friends or family who
ever reached out and am crying right now thinking
about it. I believe I have a tiny angel in Heaven that
I will meet some day. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I
lost the baby, no expanation for it. I will never
forget the night I sat in the bathroom from 1-3 am and
lost the "baby" in the toilet alone. I loved the