After reading this article in the New York Times -(thanks Andrea for sending it – ) I had a question – “Life Without Children -How do you reach that decision?”

HEALTH   | June 10, 2008
Facing Life Without Children When It Isn’t by Choice
A growing online community helps women cope with the many facets of infertility.

I give a lot of credit and heartache to Pamela & Alex Tsigdinoses, the couple spotlighted in the article.  After many years of tests and fertility treatments, they decided to be childless.  I thought this article really talked about the important steps in getting to their decision and how to personally deal with the “mourning” that comes with such a decision.  And a big “hug” for Pamela for starting a blog to talk about her journey (  Sometimes it just helps to “talk” about it.  Sharon & I can relate & wanting to “talk” about miscarriage is what drove us to starting and this blog.