I am so excited, I had to share…
It is my dream that miscarriages wouldn’t exist, but since I think it is unlikely that I can erase miscarriage from the dictionary of our lives, I can try to help in other ways…  I can help with healing!  And that is what we do at Our Hope Place – based on our own personal experience and our collective helping each other, as well as friends and family heal…  
Recently two of our friends at Ladies Who Launch (LWL), Stella Grizont and Rebecca Hendrix, were interviewed on Channel 12 “On The Money”, talking about LWL helps women launch businesses.  They highlighted Our Hope Place and our bracelet of hope – we are thankful for them getting the word out… the more we share, the more we can women and their family’s suffer a little less.
Here is the link to watch the show!
our segment begins at around 5min30 seconds into the show.
We are very excited!