I still think about my miscarriage most days… it is especially hard b/c I always thought I would have at least 2, more likely 3 children.  When my son wishes for a sibling, it is so difficult – how can you explain to a 3 yr old?  Then my mom mentions she is donating all the baby items in her home to the church – a great thing, I know the items will go to good, needy homes – yes, we should do this, but yes ANOTHER reminder …  it is painful, it is always painful!  Sometimes I just cry, then I reach for my bracelet (those of you have been following along with me know I have a bracelet from a friend from www.OurHopePlace.com that I use to distract me, to help me think positively – and it helps!)

So here is my thinking positively:

What a day,…  I think this summarizes my day, “it’s more good than bad”.  

1st day of the week was rainy…  people were cranky…  yet it was more good than bad – had one really fun meeting!  

Arrived home to kisses from husband and son…  definitely, always good!

Waited until 9 PM to hear how my Aunt’s surgery went, also more good than bad (no cancer this time — yeah!)

I exercised for 50 minutes today!  

It was a good day, more good than bad!