Ok, I admit it up front, this is a self absorbed blog posting…  so I will try to keep it short – I would rather write about the positive side of life, but just indulge me for a minute…  I always thought I would have 3 children (you need 3 to go water-skiing)…  but my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, my second ended with a wonderful little boy (I am so thankful and lucky and don’t mean to sound ungrateful, really I don’t).  

But somehow I always thought a 3rd pregnancy/a sibling for our son would come, however that seems to be on the slow side…  and even though it has been a few years since my miscarriage, when I went to a party this weekend (a lovely party) it seems every woman of childbearing age except for me either just had a baby (last 7 weeks) or was about to have a baby.  UGH!!!  Will I ever stop feeling like this???  Sometimes it is still just so hard.

All things considered I am a very lucky person with a great life…  well, I need to go hug my husband and son and remind myself of that and stop feeling self absorbed.  I need to be happy for the life I have!  Thanks for listening…  it helps!!!