I was watching E! Hollywood True Story (yes, really, I like it), the one about Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.  Two women that always seem happy, having fun.  Goldie said one thing that really hit me, you need to find your inner light, the one that made you happy as a child.  Wow…  she is right, there is this innocent glow that children have.  One that you often lose/fade as you gain life experience.  But what if you could keep hold of it?  What if you could find it again?  What if even after your loss of innocence, your loss of baby, you could find that light again?  Sounded good to me.  Sounded like optimism+.  

Seeking/nourishing that inner light.  Living now, in the moment.  Finding happiness in where you are, in what you are doing…  sounds good.  I am up for it.  How about you?