As I previously posed, right now I have 6 ideas/steps that helped me find happiness after my miscarriage:

1.  Adopting an optimistic view.

2.  Optimism is a skill set that can be learned; a muscle that needs exercising.

3.  Even though you don’t understand why things are happening, know that “the universe is unfolding as it should”.  (Reflects a poem called Desiderata)

4.  God (what ever you perceive him/her to be) only gives you as much as you can handle…  and I am strong (I might be tired of being strong, but I am strong and I can handle and learn and thrive).

5.  Moving forward is a choice – let’s get going – embracing is good.

6. I believe in the power of positive thinking!

When I had my miscarriage I was devastated.  I searched for answers – there weren’t any.  After grieving, I need to move forward…  I used the bracelet my friend gave me – it was a distraction, it helped me to focus my energies towards something positive.  Any time I felt sad, or angry, or depressed, or just didn’t feel anything, I played with the bracelet…  I made my self think positive thoughts…  and you know what – it worked…  one positive thought, that was difficult to get to, became another and another and eventually it became easier…  I realized over time, it was easier to go through life with a positive outlook vs a negative…  

It is so trying to be negative, it is exhausting, it wears on you…  it makes the situation worse, and makes it last longer, and makes it seem like there is no end…

Where as being positive gets you on to healing, it gets you to a better place…  plus in my opinion, it causes me less stress…  always a good thing…  

Try it…  think positive thoughts…  you can do it!