5.  Moving forward is a choice – let’s get going – embracing change is good.

And here we are, #5, only one more after this one…

When I had my miscarriage I searched the internet, I talked to people, I found lots of medical facts that left me cold, I found websites where I could pour out my emotions that left me feeling drained, but I couldn’t find anything about moving forward…  until my friend who had also had a miscarriage, gave me a bracelet that her mom had given her.  It really helped me move forward.  This is the foundation from which we created OurHopePlace.com.  It is a way to help women move forward, when they are ready.

Miscarriage is a loss, a real loss that needs to be grieved for.  Women are different, all the shades of red lipstick (not to mention all the other colors) show how different we are, we all grieve differently for different lengths of time, but at some point in time we will be ready to move forward…  at some point, you will make a choice to move forward.  

I remember wanting to move forward.  When I first started to smile after my miscarriage, I would remember my miscarriage, and feel sad, and guilty for having some happiness.  I worked really hard to get past this…  and yes, it took time.  But I did it…  I chose to move forward.  When someone passes away, say a grandparent, they wouldn’t want you to stop your life, they wouldn’t want you to be sad forever, to be disconnected.  They would want you to be happy, to live your life, to remember them, to embrace their memories…  Right, so there are no memories to embrace from a miscarriage – there is loss of a dream.  But I can remember I was pregnant, that there was another child, and I can remember my dreams.  I can try to live them out as best I am able to, and I can try to make it better for others.  I can be happy and help others…  I can choose to move on, I did choose to move on…  you can too.