I am an optimistic person by nature.  I can’t imagine a world without hope…  so I tend to think, plan for the positive, but I tend to have a “plan B” since life doesn’t always turn out as planned (e.g. my miscarriage).  I know that optimistic people are healthier, happier, have better relationships, …  why wouldn’t you want to be optimistic?Since Jan 2nd of this year I have seen lots of drs; well over 40 appointments in 3 months. It has been crazy juggling medical stuff, family, work (day job and http://www.ourhopeplace.com) The result of all these appointments has been 1 in office procedure and 1 day surgery.  I have had every organ scanned, scoped and prodded.  Sometimes I feel like an experiment.  The good news is that while the procedure and surgery were needed, all is good.  Right now I am recovering, going through follow up testing, and I wonder if the pain in my right breast will ever go away….  so needless to say now that (hopefully) the worst is over, I am very thankful and looking forward to getting back to my life!